the green metaverse

The first green-minded metaverse created for the preservation of our planet. Play, learn and earn in an environment-driven economy.

Our vision
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Our vision

Archipelagus РThe green metaverse aims to take the concept of metaverse and play-to-earn mechanics to the next level, our green reward system is built to create a completely new ecosystem where players  and citizens can create, learn and earn with a unique goal,


Archipelagus is the first and only green metaverse with play-to-earn and earn-to-learn mechanics. In Archipelagus, players, participants, artists and performers will receive rewards for any green actions such as playing the first play to earn game, holding green exhibitions, displaying eco friendly products of green companies, virtual teaching of environmental concept, etc.
Archipelagus rewards all the participants for green actions in MVT, the main utility token of the platform, aiming to encourage people to learn environmental concepts and use them in real life.


Archipelagus is the best Metaverse platform for holding green events, and also provides many community events and workshops for participants. If you have something to say, we want your voice to be heard, host your personal events in our virtual green spaces, grow your community and help you to raise awareness and save the planet.


There are many ways to gain MVT in the Archipelagus, just by participating in public events and games you have the opportunity to earn, our metaverse will be full of activities that can be found around the map or in the main island. If you want to take the full experience and earn more, you can collect garbage that will spawn everyday around the lands. It’s important for you to keep in mind that the amount of this one will be based on how many players were online the day before.
You can be an explorer hunting for treasures, a landowner, an export collector or maybe a guide for the newcomers, living your experience in your own way.